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Sunday, September 30, 2007

AGLOCO decides to pay

When AGLOCO started, there was lots of excitement about it. It is not a totally new concept but little bit revised. You might heard lot of things from blogger like john chow who create a hype about AGLOCO during initial days. Then after we didn't hear anything from them. And finally there was a question whether it will pay to surf the web or not ?

But last week, team decided to start with the AGLOCO Monthly Residual Payments. These are small monthly payments which will be made for hours earned each month and paid monthly for 10 years. The following rates have been set (amounts are expressed in US currency):

• June $0.48 per hour - ($0.0040 per month for 120 months)
• July $0.42 per hour - ($0.0035 per month for 120 months)
• August $0.54 per hour - ($0.0045 per month for 120 months)

AGLOCO Monthly Residual Payments become payable when declared such by AGLOCO.

In addition to the AGLOCO Monthly Residual Payments hours may become eligible for Bonus Payments. If AGLOCO exceeds expectations and builds funds in excess of reserves needed it may be possible to make AGLOCO Bonus Payments.

"We do not expect this to happen anytime in the near future. The details on the Bonus Payments and the Monthly Residual payments will be placed on the account page along with the accounting display."

AGLOCO Official said

"The Monthly Residual Payment plan is our current plan - Depending how it works out we might shorten the time period. Also, we might add a current month bonus payment to increase the cash for the current hours. We feel that AGLOCO should continue to be flexible so that it can respond to changes that will happen over time.

We looked at many other alternatives (including several that Members have suggested in their comments). AGLOCO’s goal is to be a sustainable business. We felt this plan would reward the early users and yet still be sustainable. Suggestions like ‘borrow now’ were not pursued as we did not think them sustainable nor feasible.

While the Development team has continued to work for free, the Tech Team in Shanghai and Member Services Team in the Philippines are paid as well as the cost for servers, bandwidth maintenance etc. These are our main expenses at this point.

In order to be successful we will need for our Ask.com partnership to be successful as well. You are right to point out that at this time 100% of AGLOCO’s revenue is through advertising. And the most profitable advertising is search advertising. So using the Viewbar Ask search is the best thing Members can do for AGLOCO. Like all search advertising whether it is Google, Yahoo, MSN or Ask, search advertising is performance based. (Either on clicks or on sales.) And most advertisers measure real results (meaning sales). That is why it is against AGLOCO rules to do excessive clicking. It would eventually make AGLOCO a poor advertising location and AGLOCO would loose all its advertisers."

If you haven't joined the AGLOCO, then join it now. Get paid to surf the internet. Its totally FREE.

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