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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

IBM Internet Security Systems Unveils New Virtual E-mail Security Appliance

IBM today unveiled a virtual e-mail security solution based on the existing Proventia(R) Network Mail Security System from its Internet Security Systems (ISS) division. By allowing robust e-mail security to run alongside other applications within a single piece of hardware, the virtual version of this product is designed to enable organizations of all sizes to block the full realm of malicious code

"With so many organizations falling victim to data leakage and the loss of confidential information in today's computing environment, a powerful e-mail security product that has the ability to inspect both inbound and outbound communication is a necessary piece of any network infrastructure. Without an e-mail security solution featuring fully automated inspection, that can understand the intent and content of each message, many organizations are left more vulnerable," said Scott Paisley, Business Line Manager for E-mail & Content Security at IBM Internet Security Systems. "As more organizations are realizing the benefits of virtualized environments for cutting costs and removing IT complexities, IBM ISS remains at the forefront of the industry by supporting these virtualization initiatives with the cutting-edge security we've been delivering to customers for nearly 13 years."

By offering a virtual security solution to verify the integrity of messaging technology deployments, IBM can also add value through a lower total cost of hardware, a clear process for disaster recovery and a simplified means for tracking, auditing and preventing messaging-based threats.

The new IBM ISS virtual e-mail security appliance provides customers with the same powerful capabilities as the original Proventia Network Mail Security System. Unlike many e-mail security solutions that tend to focus solely on anti-spam technology, the IBM ISS solution offers more comprehensive, preemptive protection against messaging threats through one of the industry's leading intrusion prevention system (IPS) technologies. In addition to featuring this key technology, IBM ISS' Proventia Network Mail Security System is designed to effectively block both traditional and image-based spam, providing customers with a layered solution to secure their messaging infrastructure.

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