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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Most of the people don't know jack until it stands at 10th in Entertainment category for webware 100 contest.
You Don't Know Jack is a series of computer games developed by Jellyvision.

YDKJ, promoted as the games "where high culture and pop culture collide," combine trivia with comedy. The games are known for their humor and challenge, as well as simple presentation. With some rare exceptions, the games never use graphics, and instead rely only on animated text art for visual content. This was not a purely stylistic choice; the game was designed to minimize the amount of disc accessing needed by keeping files small.

The game can be played by one, two, or three players. You Don't Know Jack is meant to resemble a television game show, in that players compete for money by answering trivia questions. (Since it is not a real show, players do not actually earn money.) All versions of the game feature the voice of an off-screen host who reads questions aloud, provides instructions regarding special question types, and pokes fun at the players.

The last round of each game is known as the "Jack Attack," which is a word association question. A clue is given, and after that a word, phrase, or name that fits the category of that clue appears in the middle of the screen. After that a series of potential matches appears on the screen; each potential match appears for only a few seconds before disappearing.

Players win money if they buzz in when the correct match is displayed on the screen; the match must fit the clue that is given at the beginning of the Jack Attack. An incorrect guess at any time — even if that player already buzzed in for the same word — deducts money from the player's score.

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