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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Convert your file to PDF - KoolWIRE

Now its as easy to convert you file to PDF format as counting 1-2-3.

KoolWIRE is providing this facility at free of charge.

What you all have to do is an email the file that you want to convert to PDF at pdf@koolwire.com. KoolWIRE will convert file to PDF and send you back.

You can attach multiple files, no matter their size, provided their extension is allowed. Should you exceed the maximum size set by your e-mail provider, try and split your attachments into multiple e-mails. Allowed extensions are :
  • Word (.doc)
  • PowerPoint (.ppt)
  • Excel (.xls)
  • Jpeg, GIF
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf) and
  • Text (.txt)
Before sending file consider below points:
  • Password protection of files: please DO NOT send password protected files, or the Koolwire automatic conversion engine will not be able to open and convert your files. If you are concerned with your privacy, please note that KoolWIRE DO NOT manually open or store any of the files they receive for conversion. Your files will only be opened once by an automated procedure and then immediately deleted. Check the Koolwire legal notes for more details.
  • Different Names for multiple files: If you send multiple files, please make sure they have different names, otherwise Koolwire will not be able to make a distinction between them and the conversion procedure will end with a "Files not KOOLverted :-( " message.
  • ZIP files: Please DO NOT send zipped files. Koolwire only recognizes and converts plain files. Check the KOOLversion rules for the complete list of accepted formats.
  • Don't use forwarded message: Do not attached a file to a forwarded messages, as this could lead to conversion failure.. Always use a new email for file attachment.

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