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Friday, June 29, 2007

Adsense goes Round

$$$ Good News for Adsense Users $$$

Good news for adsense users who love round corners. Now no more CSS for generating round corners for adsense ads. Google has recently introduce new ad format for AdSense ads. This week, they added a new dimension for publishers in customizing these ad formats. You've long been able to customize the size and colors of your ad units; now, you can also customize the shape by selecting between square, slightly rounded, or very rounded corners.

To get started with these new ad shapes, visit the 'AdSense Setup' tab in your account. Here you will find an option for choosing the style of corners as shown in below image.

You can choose any one the available 3 options for ads. One can easily figure out the difference between "Slightly Rounded Corners" and "Very Rounded Corners". This is shown in the below image along with default square corners.

Please keep in mind that if your page background color, ad background color, and ad border color are all the same, these new corners won't be visible.

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