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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Customize Your Wolfram|Alpha Home Page!

Wolfram|Alpha, a computational Knowledge Engine,  is one of the most discussed stuff on blogosphere these days. Couple of enhancements have been made since the release. Today they announced a new feature which helps you to customize your Wolfram|Alpha home page. With a simple click of your mouse, you too customize your home page with one of three Wolfram|Alpha home page layouts and nine different colorful themes.

The Full Home Page shown below features quick and easy tips to help you query.

Full Home Page

Add some color to your Wolfram|Alpha experience by choosing the Minimal Home Page, containing the Wolfram|Alpha computation bar, or the Minimal Home Page + Search, which makes it easy for you to query Wolfram|Alpha and search the web.

Those cool graphics you see in themes two through four (across, left to right) were designed in Mathematica, and themes seven and eight are examples of simple programs discussed in Steven Wolfram’s groundbreaking book A New Kind of Science.

Minimal Home Page Themes

Click here to download your new Wolfram|Alpha home page.

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