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Friday, May 22, 2009

Google Reader Let You Create A Bundle Of Your Favorite Feeds

To support the continuous effort of making Google Reader more social, Google reader added a feature which let you create a bundle of your favorite feeds. This is another feature to make it more social after the addition of conversations. You can share this bundle with your friends or relatives. Bundles you create can be added to your shared items so that your friends can subscribe to them. In addition, you can put your bundles on your site or use them to invite new friends to Reader.

To get started, click "Browse for stuff" and create your own bundle.


Simply drag some of your subscriptions -- or even folders -- to your bundle, add a title and description, and click "Save". Just like Reader's other sharing features, bundles you create can be automatically shared with your Reader friends. You can also email your bundles or post them to your blog. You can even browse all of your friends' bundles.

Here is my bundle, where is yours ?

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