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Friday, April 24, 2009

Google Toolbar With New Features

Google Toolbar announced two new features called “My Location” and “Google Simplified Chinese Toolbar”. These are the part of a new initiative called Toolbar Labs.

My Location

Imagine searching for pizza from your computer and seeing the closest pizza places without having to enter your location. No more entering zip codes or city names in your queries - isn't that magical? Of course, you can already do this with your phone, and searches on the computer can sometimes use an IP address to determine the city that you're in. But now your location can be determined much more precisely on your computer (as long as you opt in) and you can get better search results. With Toolbar with My Location, both Google Maps and the included Maps gadget automatically center on your current location.

How does this work ? Google Toolbar with My Location uses information about surrounding Wi-Fi access points to estimate your location. Naturally, this means it won't work if you're on a computer that doesn't have Wi-Fi (or has Wi-Fi turned off).

You can disable or enable the "My Location" functionality in Toolbar with just the click of a button. Google Toolbar with My Location is currently available only for Internet Explorer and works only within the US. You can download it from here.

Google Simplified Chinese Toolbar

Google china team developed a slightly different Toolbar concept called the Google Simplified Chinese Toolbar (Google工具栏简体中文版). Users will be able to translate pages with a single click and manage bookmarks with a new sidebar. This toolbar is only available in Simplified Chinese.

Keep in mind that labs versions are not as well-tested as beta versions, so they may be slightly more unstable.

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