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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friendfeed Developed It’s Own Desktop Notifier Client Using Adobe AIR

Twitter has many desktop client to get twitter update at your desk. However friendfeed has probably very less. So friendfeed came up with its own desktop notifier which enables you to get your friendfeed notifications on your desk.

It's a super-fast download and takes just two clicks to install.


  • Instant notifications
  • Choose updates from your Home feed or any of your Friend lists
  • View, like and comment directly from the notification window
  • Drag the window to anywhere on your desktop

You can choose to get updates from your Home feed or any of your Friends lists. Clicking on the little window takes you to FriendFeed for easy viewing and commenting. And you can drag the window to anywhere on your desktop.

The FriendFeed Notifier is an Adobe® AIR™ application that watches the FriendFeed real-time update feeds.

You can try it out: http://friendfeed.com/settings/notifier. Consider yourself notified.

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