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Friday, March 06, 2009

BackTweets : Search For Links on Twitter

BackTweets is a new search engine for links on Twitter by BackType. As twitter is growing, number of links tweeted everyday is also increasing. Over a million links are tweeted per day, often obfuscated by URL shorteners with no way for publishers to see who’s talking about their content.


BackType came up with the search engine that searches for the links shared on twitter. You can perform searches on anything – keywords will match any URL they’re used in, full URLs to track links to articles, blog posts, videos and whatever else you’re interested in.

Here’s a search for "nytimes.com" that will show tweets that link to that domain (and notice how Twitter Search would only find one of them):

BackTweets Results
Searching for http://www.youtube.com is a quick and easy way to get a feed of videos that people are tweeting. It also looks at what articles and blog posts are popular on twitter throughout the day, so you can see what links are trending to discover new and interesting content.

BackTweets Top Links

This seems to be more useful search for data as it checks the content of the source site rather than just checking the keyword in the tweet. You may notice that when you search for something, it shows you the tweet which doesn’t contain your keyword. However link in that tweet will point to the source website that talks about the keyword you searched.

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