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Friday, January 16, 2009

New iGoogle Tool to Build Your Own Theme

Google yesterday announced a new tool for iGoogle. This tool will help you to create iGoogle themes. Now, you can capture memories and images on your iGoogle homepage by building a custom theme. It's an easy way for iGoogle users to spruce up their personalized homepage without needing to know how to use XML, etc. All you need is an image.


The theme-building tool has a simple interface for uploading your photo from your desktop, Picasa Web Album, or the web. Once you've chosen a photo, the builder provides a basic set of tools to help you create your theme:

  • Image Cropping - Crop your favorite photo to fit your iGoogle theme
  • Color Schemes - Pick colors to complement your photo
  • Real-time Preview - See immediate feedback of your changes to swiftly fine-tune your theme
  • Public and Private Publishing - Choose who gets to see your original themes, whether it's just you, or if you want to share them with the world

Once your theme is created, it's immediately added to your iGoogle page for you to enjoy.

Spice up your iGoogle homepage with your favorite images, whether they're photos of your pets or places you've visited, drawings, designs, cartoons — or whatever else your heart desires.

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