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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mozilla Released Snowl 0.2, Support For Multiple Twitter Accounts

Mozilla announced the messaging integration into browser with Snowl somewhere in last august. This version of the messaging-in-the-browser experiment builds on the first release with an updated river view, a new stream view for keeping track of messages in a sidebar while you do other things, the ability to send tweets, and support for multiple Twitter accounts.


The updated river view now shows a single column of messages by default, groups them by time, and includes preview images and excerpts:

a screenshot of the river view

The stream view is a new way of tracking messages that opens in a sidebar and shows incoming messages as they are received.  It’s a simpler, more compact window into the flow of incoming information that you can leave open at the side of your browser and glance at occasionally for the latest updates:

a screenshot of the stream view

You can now send tweets by pressing the write message button a screenshot of the write message button in any view:

writing a message

And you can both send and receive Tweets from multiple accounts.  Just subscribe to each account, and their messages will show up in all views.  When sending a message, select the account from the menu of accounts:

picking an account to send a message

Try It Out

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