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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Import/Export Feature of Blogger.com Came Out of Draft

Blogger.com was testing import/export blog feature and it was available under draft version till now. However with yesterday’s announcement, this feature is now came out of draft testing ground. The import/export feature opens up a whole new range of portability for your blogs, as well as allows for a few new options in the blog creation process.

Couple of ideas that can be done with importing and exporting:

  • Merge two or more blogs into one. Have a few scattered blogs and want to get a fresh start? Now you can combine comments and posts from multiple blogs into a brand new blog.
  • Move individual posts from blog to blog. Cross-publish your posts on multiple blogs, or transfer large batches of posts from one blog to another with a single click.
  • Back up your blog to your own storage. It's never a bad idea to create backup copies of your own content, and now you can easily export an archival copy of your blog to your hard drive with a simple tool.
  • Move your blog somewhere else. Our standard Atom XML export format will open up new blogging channels between providers, and let you take your content with you should you decide to move somewhere else. And of course, if you decide to come back to Blogger, importing your export file will get you back up and running in seconds.

You can access Import and Export from the Blog Tools section on the Settings | Basic tab.


There is a new importing options to the blog creation process:

For some more detailed info on all of the things you can do with Import and Export, please check out accompanying help article.

A couple caveats

  • Currently it supports importing only Blogger blogs. Importing from WordPress, Typepad, LiveJournal or any other blogging platforms is not supported.
  • Before importing a blog for the first time, it is recommended that you create a new, throwaway blog to import into so you get a sense for how the process works. Once you’re comfortable, import into your public blog.
  • If you have enabled a content warning for your blog, then you will have to remove it before your blog can be exported.

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