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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Get The Most Comprehensive Information About Websites With Dataopedia

Dataopedia is a recently launched website which provides you the most comprehensive information about websites available on the Internet. Dataopedia is a property of Startups.com Network, a network of business sites focusing on offering services and content for a business and start-up audience.


This is an aggregation web service that lets its users find out all the valuable facts about any website, such as traffic, online buzz, contact information, popularity in social bookmarking services…in short, all the essential facts about every website you can come across on the internet. Site gathers data from more than 50 sources like Alexa, digg, stumbleupon, compete, delicious, twitter and many more…

This is the one-stop-resource for finding website facts, and the service can be accessed via the website, the mobile site, embeddable widgets for your website, and browser add-ons.

checkout below video for more details:

1 comment:

Lorraine said...

The website search doesn't not support domain with a dash i.e."-"
e.g. i-news.com.
a careless mistake.