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Monday, November 17, 2008

Google Announced SketchUp 7 – Create, Modify & Share 3D Models

Google today announced the launch of SketchUp 7 and SketchUp Pro 7, the newest versions of their popular 3D modeling software. For those we don’t know about Google’s SketchUp, “SketchUp is software you can use to build 3D models of anything: your house, killer robots, furniture, trees, abstract art — anything.”

There are lots of new stuff as well as improvements in this version.

Some of the improvements that were made to SketchUp 7 are especially useful for beginners. For example:

  • Edges now split other edges where they cross, automatically. Modeling in SketchUp is more intuitive now.
  • The inferencing system (SketchUp's colored points and guide lines that help you draw in 3D) is clearer and more consistent than ever.
  • When you need help using a tool, click the "?" icon at the bottom of your modeling window; the Instructor panel pops up to give you more information.

So what’s new ?

There are many new stuffs. Here are three major areas for this release:

  • Making it even easier to get started – A new class of "smart" objects called Dynamic Components has been created, which are simpler to work with for new modelers. Take a look at this video to understand it:

  • Making it easier to share what you make and collaborate with other people – This version is built with a better link between SketchUp and the rest of the 3D world, made it possible to "sign" your models, and added Google Docs–style collaboration and sharing to 3D Warehouse.
  • Adding powerful features for experienced SketchUp Pro users – SketchUp is only half of the SketchUp Pro suite; the other half is all about sharing your work with your clients. LayOut 2 (which is now officially out of beta) lets you create multi-page documents and presentations. Your models are linked to your LayOut file so that changing the former automatically updates the latter.

More details can be found at What's New in 7 page on the SketchUp website.

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