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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Customize Firefox Based On Your Interests & Online Activities.

Mozilla released Fashion Your Firefox, a new Web application that enables Firefox users to customize their browser based on their interests and online activities. With Fashion Your Firefox, add-ons that fit people’s online lifestyles are organized in easy to discover ways and are available for installation in just a few easy clicks.

Fashion Your Firefox presents add-ons in activity-based categories  that make them easy to find and install. Add-ons are tiny pieces of software that add new features or functionality to Firefox, letting people customize their browser to meet their tastes. There are currently more than 1 billion downloads of Firefox add-ons.

Categories in Fashion Your Firefox include:

  • Shutterbug: View and share pictures and videos online
  • Rock Star: Listen to music while surfing, working, emailing or researching online
  • News Junkie: Get the most up-to-date news and weather
  • Shopaholic: Shop and take advantage of online deals
  • Digital Pack Rat: Keep track of favorite sites, bookmarks and blogs
  • Social Butterfly: Share, bookmark, and e-mail web pages via an array of social networking & bookmarking sites
  • Finder and Seeker: Find and make information on the Web more relevant
  • Decorator: Apply browser themes
  • Executive Assistant: Organize online activities

“One of the best parts about Firefox is the amazing richness of our 5,000-plus free add-ons,” said Mike Shaver, vice president of engineering at Mozilla. “We’re excited to introduce Fashion Your Firefox because it makes it even easier for people to discover useful add-ons that make the browsing experience better and more personal.”

For more information see our press release, FAQ, and David Rolnitzky’s, Mozilla’s add-ons program manager, blog post.

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