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Thursday, October 09, 2008

BudURL : More than URL shrinking

There are many URL shortening service available. However BudURL is little different among all. It doesn’t just shrink long URL, but also add notes and tags along with detailed analytics like you have on your website. Detailed statistics is marketing nirvana, but your website statistics only cover your website. BudURL gives you the power to quantify traffic and make decisions that were once a shot in the dark.


BudURL is more than just a url shrinking tool – a lot more. Once a url has been turned into a BudURL, you can track click information that will reveal a tremendous amount of information about the click activity of each link.

BudURL is easy to use! Just paste in a large, unruly web address in the box above and click the "Shrink It!" button. You'll get a unique BudURL™ that you can use anywhere you'd like such as social networks, instant messages, emails, ad campaigns, electronic newsletters, etc.


Below is a click stream information:


Current Features

  • Shrink any URL into a short BudURL
  • Inbound links redirect with a 307 for maximum SEO performance
  • Organize all of your BudURLs into a single account
  • Add notes to each BudURL to keep track of where you place it (ex: Twitter profile link, LinkedIn comment, Email signature, banner advertisement, etc.)
  • Watch your Click Stream to see real-time click activity including the referrer, IP Address, Network, etc.
  • Manage all of your links in one easy interface with custom notes to keep track of your placement
  • See referrers, click charts, and more!
  • Create multiple BudURLs that point to the same destination so you can tell which source generates the best ROI
  • See which cities, states, and countries drive your traffic
  • 307 redirects ensure the best tracking and search engine benefits
  • Designed by business, for business.
  • Many more are coming soon..

One has to register to use this service. Watch below clip to know more.

BudURL Demo from Andy Meadows on Vimeo.

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