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Monday, October 20, 2008

AppLoop Makes Mobile Application Development Easy

Developing mobile applications were very difficult as it requires lots of programming knowledge and good experience in mobile technology. AppLoop came out with an extremely simple way for non-technical people to create applications and distribute content on mobile platforms called “Mobile Application Generator” that helps you to develop mobile applications in minutes.

The AppLoop Application Generator is a web-based tool that converts any RSS feed into a brandable iPhone application in less than 2 minutes. It requires no programming, software downloads, or code maintenance and more over it’s FREE.

It is ideal for blog owners, news paper editors and magazines publishers.

Unlike web-based mobile sites, applications can easily store data locally - stories are available regardless of internet connection. Users can sync your feed and read your content on the train, in the car, or wherever else is convenient.

“The iPhone marks the beginning of the next wave of mobile smartphones. We’ll distribute your application across all open mobile platforms, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining separate projects for each. Additionally, we’ll be adding a community layer on top of all the applications in our network, so users can share and discover new content that’s relative to them. Support for multiple feeds within the same application will be supported in the near future, so larger websites can have different categories and a more customizable user experience.” said Eric.

Watch below demo video to know more :

iPhone Application Generator Demo from AppLoop on Vimeo.

More details can be found here

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