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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Find Complete Information About Any Website Using a FREE Tool ‘Quarkbase’

Many times you may be interested about knowing more details about particular website, especially when you are in the field of web development. Firefox’s famous add-on firebug will help you in debugging websites, however it won’t provides details like technology used, server where website is hosted on, company details, twitter links, traffic rank etc…


Quarkbase is a free tool to find complete information about a website. It is a mashup of over 30 data sources and many algorithms gathering information from Internet on various topics like social popularity, traffic, associated people, etc.

What you all have to do is just enter website name and hit enter. Within few seconds, complete details will appear about that website.

It will provide you the summary as well as details description which includes:

  • Website information
  • Contact information
  • Domain purchased date, expiry date as well as company from where domain was purchased
  • List of similar and related websites
  • Popularity on digg, Technorati, Reddit, Delicious, Stumble upon, Yahoo!
  • Web hosting details
  • Many more….

This is really a good website to know in depth details about particular website.

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