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Friday, August 08, 2008

Google Translate Goes To iPhone

When you are traveling with your iphone to different country or region and if you don’t know their language, then best option is to carry some portable language dictionary. Google Translate was great option, but the web page didn't work that well on the iPhone. But now Google Translate is optimised for iPhone so you don’t need to carry additional language dictionary along with you.

Google Translate for iPhone is optimized for speed, supports all of the existing Google Translate language pairs, and uses a client-side data-store on your iPhone to hang on to your past translations so you always have them at hand, even if you can't use the local data network. This was written using the AJAX Language API, so every time the Google Translate team updates the languages they support, the languages will automatically be added here.

If you're wondering about data costs, typically it would be some where between 200 and 400 translations in 1MB of data download. Although there is no charge for this service, your carrier may charge for the data usage so be sure to know what your roaming rates are.

To try Google Translate for iPhone, point your iPhone or iPod Touch web browser to www.google.com and choose the "more" tab. Or you can go directly to translate.google.com in your browser.

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