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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Metacafe Introduced New Creativity Toolkit To Enable Viewers To Personalize Their Entertainment Experiences

Metacafe®, whose more than 30 million unique viewers each month make it one of the world’s largest video entertainment sites, now enables viewers to personalize their entertainment experiences by adding dialog bubbles, photos, webcam video, clip art, subtitles and more to online videos. These viewers turned co-creators can save their work for the enjoyment of other members of the Metacafe community and can share their personalized clips with friends via e-mail. This creativity toolkit, called PLYfx, is powered by PLYmedia, a pioneer in content enrichment web services and tools which enable interactivity and enrichment of web videos.


“The power of online video centers on the ability for viewers to interact with content and control their own entertainment experiences,” said Eyal Hertzog, founder and chief creative officer of Metacafe. “This toolkit builds on these core principles and makes it easy for everyone to stretch their creative muscles and produce videos that reflect their original ideas, personal style and mood of the moment. This is yet another way we’re breaking down the barriers to creative expression and infusing more fun into social media.”

Now available as part of a beta test, registered users of Metacafe can enable PLYfx by visiting http://blog.metacafe.com/?p=165 and clicking on the “Enable PLYfx” button. When watching a video on Metacafe, these users can now click on the PLYfx button that appears in the upper left corner of the video player. An intuitive drop-down menu appears that leads users through the process of personalizing the video by adding images and text, enabling them to share thoughts, add characters, create a dialog or extend the storyline. Viewers can also add subtitles, enabling people who speak different languages or those who are hearing-impaired to enjoy the video in a way not previously possible.

The original video remains unaltered. Metacafe viewers can save a library of their customized creations, which are accessible to other viewers, and can send these creations to their friends via e-mail or embed their creation directly from the PLYfx application within the video player. Each new PLYfx creation is assigned a unique URL, which enables its creator to promote the work elsewhere.

“Lots of people have ideas they’d love to bring to life in video, but the process of shooting, editing and uploading a video is still fairly time-consuming and labor-intensive,” said Ben Enosh, CEO of PLYmedia. “Our platform makes it quick and easy for people to bring their creative visions to life by building on existing videos. This creativity toolkit encourages more participation, cooperation and interaction among members of the Metacafe community – enhancing both the individual and shared entertainment experience.”

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