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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

IM Feeds Provides RSS Updates via IM

image Few months back, i mentioned about Feed Crier which provides RSS and Atom feeds by instant message. IM Feeds is another web service that provides the same functionality.

IM Feeds is a fun and simple service that lets you receive up to the minute information directly to your favorite instant messenger. IM Feeds is a free service. You can call it as an instant messaging-based RSS reader. You can manage your subscribed feeds either by sending the IM Feeds buddy a message, or through this web site.

It supports all the major IM networks which includes AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk.

To use this service, first you will need to add the IM Feeds buddy for your respective IM network:

1. AIM : imfeeds (or click here)

2. MSN Messenger : msn@imfeeds.com (or click here)

3. Yahoo Messenger : imfeeds (or click here)

4. Google Talk : imfeeds@gmail.com (Add the buddy using Google Talk, not sending an email.)

Next step is to send the join command. Simply send the IM Feeds buddy the message 'join' and follow the directions in the returned message! And that's it! You'll receive instructions from the IM Feeds buddy on how to subscribe to feeds and other relevant commands.

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