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Monday, June 16, 2008

Thanks to ReadWriteWeb


Yesterday there was a tremendous traffic to smashingfeeds.com. I was just surprised. Then i found out the source of traffic and it was because of ReadWriteWeb.

They write a very nice post about this website. Title was ”Smashing Feeds: Get the Latest Twitter and FriendFeed News”. As per them, tweet is something interesting category.

“The aggregated news coverage sites are separated into categories such as Technology, Business, Productivity, Web 2.0, and more. None of these sections are new, but their "Tweet" section is a definite eye catcher.”

“Basically, you can get the hottest and most popular Twitter links from various services all on one page.”

They also pointed out good thing to improve the site.

“Bouncing from site to site that aggregates the hottest or most popular links on Twitter can be a chore. Users usually end up just picking on site and sticking with it. The 'Tweet' section of Smashing Feeds solves this problem. However, the randomness of some of the aggregated sites are weird. Why are random twitter messages and FriendFeed messages being aggregated as news? I'd suggest they stick to the sites that do most of the aggregation for them and aggregate those sites for the 'Tweet' section. Beyond that, Smashing Feed isn't offering anything better than the competition.”

Thanks especially to Corvida who wrote such a nice post.

What next ?

Well, i am getting lots of feedback on smashingfeeds.com. I will work on that soon.

Currently i am little bit engaged with developing video interface for smashingfeeds.com which will be live after some weeks at: http://www.smashingfeeds.com/video.php

Suggestions ?

If you have any suggestions/tips, feel free to contact me.

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