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Monday, June 30, 2008

Syncplicity Integrates Zoho

Syncplicity has recently integrated Scribd’s iPaper and today they announced the integration of Zoho.

Syncplicity, a document synchronization tool integrated Zoho into their application recently. This Sync tool lets you synchronize your documents from your desktop (PC-only currently) to their web application.

If you have Syncplicity installed on your computer, you can right-click on a document on your desktop and choose  the ‘Edit in Zoho’ option for editing your document. This opens up a window with the Zoho document editor. When the ‘Save’ button is hit in Zoho editor, it saves the file to your local folder and also your Syncplicity account, thus keeping your document in sync. This works with Zoho Writer & Zoho Sheet Apps now with Zoho Show to follow.

Similar editing option is also available in their online application to edit documents online. After you save the changes, the documents are saved on their servers.

And here’s a nice screencast done by the Syncplicity team, demonstrating the integration.

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