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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Search Results via RSS Is Now Available On Techmeme

Techmeme Search Techmeme recently introduced search feature which returns items that have appeared as full headlines on Techmeme, in reverse chronological order. Headlines appearing only in "Discussion" are excluded.

Yesterday they announced that the Techmeme Search now provides results through RSS. You can now subscribe to search results in iGoogle, Netvibes, or your favorite RSS reader. Developers can hook up other kinds of applications to Techmeme Search as well.

Wherever background information on a name or topic in technology can provide useful context, Techmeme Search can help.

Obtaining the RSS feed URL: On any results page, simply click the RSS button in the browser's location bar, usually an orange or blue square icon like the one above, but tinier. In Safari, the icon simply contains the letters "RSS". A feed URL link also appears at the bottom of any results page. Look (again) for an orange RSS icon. Subscribing involves copying this URL to your aggregator of choice.

"About" vs. "any mention": Remember that Techmeme Search runs in either of two overall modes. Suppose you're searching for "eBay". In the default mode, it tries to find results about eBay by searching only the title and first few sentences for "eBay" (example results). To get results that mention eBay anywhere in the post, uncheck "Search title & summary only" (example result). The associated RSS feeds for these two alternatives preserve this searching behavior.

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