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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MyBlogLog Now Feeds MyBlogLog Activity & Your Most Recent Blog Posts into Yahoo! Messenger

If you upgraded to the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger for Windows  (9.0, Beta), you may have noticed a new type of status message next to your contacts which shows the latest articles they may have Buzz'd or changes made to their Yahoo Avatar.

Starting tonight, MyBlogLog is feeding in MyBlogLog activity (adding contacts, joining communities, tagging) as well as your most recent blog posts into Messenger as well. What's cool about this is that it makes your Messenger contact list really come alive, transforming it into a socially aware RSS Reader.


Now, before you IM your friend about the Celtics last night you can read their scathing blog post and adjust accordingly. Likewise, you can post to your blog and automatically notify everyone on your IM list that you're not in a particularly good mood this morning.

via MyBlogLog

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