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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Techmeme Introduced Search

image Techmeme introduced a new Search feature which returns items that have appeared as full headlines on Techmeme, in reverse chronological order. Headlines appearing only in "Discussion" are excluded.

Techmeme Search aims to surface only the most notable results for a query. For more exhaustive results, services like Ask Blog Search, Google News, and Topix already do a good job of returning everything that they've indexed.

Though a search box sits atop Techmeme's main page, you can also find one in the obligatory bare bones search-only start page at techmeme.com/search.

There are two overall modes of searching, depending on how "close" a result is desired. The default mode only returns matches occurring in the title or the first couple of sentences. Searching for "Yahoo" in this mode typically return stories about Yahoo. Unchecking "Search title & summary only" on the result page (or the bare bones page) enables search of the full article text. In this mode, any article simply mentioning "Yahoo" will appear.

Narrowing results by source url, author, date, and other attributes is also supported. For instance,


returns posts only from the blog Search Engine Land (as seen here). A concise list of all the search operators involved is available through the "Advanced" link on a search results page (or again, on the bare bones page).

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