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Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Web 2.0 Live Blogging Platform

ScribbleLive ScribbleLive is a new web2.0 service that provides fast and easy live blogging experience. It allows broadcasters, publishers, educators, corporations, social groups, writers, students, bloggers and individuals to be instant publishers, live to your screen.

To use this FREE service, you don't have to create new account. You can use your existing FaceBook, MSN Live or your Open ID account to log-in. You don’t have to remember another ID and password. Since there is no need to install software or learn some complicated back end, you can create your event in seconds. Give it a name and off you go. Now, send out the invitation to your friends to help you cover the full story. They instantly become your team or writers, photographers and editors and ScribbleLive ensure you are all on the same page.

Once that post hits the page, in seconds, you can instantly edit your text right in the post without the need to leave the comfort of the browser. The update instantly appears on everyone’s screen. How cool is that!

ScribbleLive is not a chat line; this is a collaborative, real time journaling of events as they unfold.

Its easy to use, you have instant access, the posts appear in seconds without the need to reload, you can edit instantly, you have unlimited users that can watch the event and its totally new!

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