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Sunday, March 09, 2008

twit+ : A New Service To Provide Enhanced Features for Twitter

image twit+ is a new service working on top of twitter to provide enhanced features. This site uses twitter API's to provide additional functionality to twitter.

This is a new service and is currently under development. You are free to use the twit+ service. However note that service may have bugs and may be taken down at any time that is what this site says.

twit+ currently offers features to help you send pictures, video and any other type of file to your twitter friends.

You can either send pictures or files to your public twitter timeline where anyone will be able to view and download them, or if you select to send direct you specify which of your twitter followers to send to and the pictures or files will then be fully protected.

By using the twit+ direct send facility you are able to share files easily between your friends.

twit+ works with all of your existing twitter friends. They don't need to be using twit+ to receive your multimedia twits, although if they do they will then be able to multimedia tweet you back!

Note that twit+ is not affiliated with twitter in any way.

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