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Sunday, March 02, 2008

NewsFire Goes Back to FREEware

NewsFire NewsFire announced yesterday that it is now totally free. No feature restrictions, no ads, no cut-down ‘lite’ version.

What's reason for doing so ?

Blog says "Call it an experiment to draw people into the fold. Call it temporary insanity. Call it good will. Call it stupidity. I’m never really sure what my motivations are, but this one feels right in my gut. I hope you like it. I sure hope I don’t regret this."

Well, there are lots of competition going on for New Aggregators. There are big heads in the market like Google Reader, FeedDemon, NewzCrawler, Bloglines... then why do we have to pay for new readers.

NewFire was initially freeware and made transition to shareware in February 2005. Because of the huge competition to stay in the market they again want to make it FREE.


About NewsFire

NewsFire is a news reader for blogs, news sites, and anything else that publishes an ‘RSS’ syndication feed. It watches for news so you don’t have to. When a new story is published, NewsFire brings it to your attention with some super-slick animation. Unlike other readers, NewsFire is designed with a deliberately minimal interface. The news is what matters and it takes center stage.

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