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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

FREE & Easiest Way To Boost Your Blog Traffic with BlogUpp!

image BlogUpp! introduces an improved service aimed to drive traffic and discover new connections for bloggers with quality content, the easiest and more efficiently. It has the best of any link exchange or banner exchange service, and more.

What you all have to do is just add a link of your blog and BlogUpp! generates in return a short code which you just have to copy and paste into your blog once, and which will result in driving new traffic to it for good. When you paste that code, you will display the blogs which are already a part of BlogUpp! network as below:


Similarly, it will be displaying your blog on someone else blog. When you hover the mouse, it will display you the recent post on that blog which you might be interested to read ;)

You probably have noticed it on my blog located at the end of right most column.

WordPress platform and alike are supported as well.

How Does It Work ?

  • BlogUpp! snapshots your blog and reads your RSS regularly
  • Your blog's thumbnail shows in other blogs with our service activated, like shown on the right
  • The thumbnail is accompanied by your blog's most recent article
  • An identical banner projects on your page, listing relevant blogs
  • Each link clicked in the banner opens a new window, not closing your blog
  • The more blogs you show, the more visibility you get
  • And all this is completely free


  • No registration and no account required
  • No ad submission and no efforts
  • No animation and annoying ads
  • Best in the industry 10:9 exchange ratio
  • WordPress and alike friendly
  • Everyone gets bonus impressions from the start

Although every blogger is invited to benefit from BlogUpp! service, each submitted blog passes an approval step, in order to ensure only those with quality content are added. There are not accepted adult, gambling, and illegal or inappropriate content websites, which aims to make BlogUpp! a family friendly service with quality content. The approval doesn't require additional action from the blogger though. As indicator of the approval status is the color of a specific element in the banner.

Every approved blog gets bonus impressions from the start. BlogUpp! has a democratic method of displaying impressions, so that even blogs with very few readers get fair visibility on other blogs. The more blogs one shows, the bigger the number of credit impressions it gets. However that doesn't have to encourage cheating, aimed to artificially increasing the number of blog views by constantly refreshing it. BlogUpp! handles such attempts appropriately, so that to value blog's readers, and not displayed impressions as such.

Previously used methods for adding visibility to a blog consisted mostly in building textual static blogrolls. That implies firstly getting to know of a weblog and only after that a link is to be established manually, by crawling the HTML for each update. With BlogUpp! the bloggers have the possibility to discover new connections effortlessly, in an interactive, automated and extremely simplified way.

The concept is similar to BlogRush where it shows you the post links of various blogs in BlogRush network.

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