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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FeedBurner Introduced a New Service to Transfer Feeds Between Accounts

FeedBurner Today FeedBurner announced it's new service which has been live for weeks and is a real time-saver for everyone involved. This is the new, self-service Feed Transfer capability. As more and more people build blogs and burn feeds, changes in content ownership and control lead to the desire to move a FeedBurner feed from one account to another.

In ye goode olde days, someone who wanted to transfer a feed to another account used to a submit a request to FeedBurner, and then they would verify the accounts and then complete the actual feed transfer. Reliable, but time-consuming and tedious for all parties involved.

Away with workaday drudgery! If you own a feed, you may now transfer it to anyone you like simply by using the Transfer Feed… link, which is listed on your feed's details page and is handily pictured below:


Just provide the email address of the person you wish to transfer this feed to and FeedBurner will send them a transfer request email. The recipient clicks a link in the email and then creates or signs into a FeedBurner account and accepts the transfer on-the-spot. The transfer itself will be completed immediately, moving the feed from your account to theirs. (Please note that only feed owners may initiate transfers from their own accounts to others.)

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