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Monday, March 03, 2008

BlogBackupr Provides FREE Blog Back Up Service

blogBackupr If you are a blogger, then you probably know the importance of your blog data and the hard work you do to keep your blog alive. Loosing your blog data will be a nightmare. It is necessary to take back up of your blog content at regular interval so that you will not loose much of you blog data. How good would it be if somebody do it for you ?

There is a good news for all bloggers. Now no more fear for loosing the data and headache of taking back up of your blog posts. BlogBackupr will do it for you on daily basis.

BlogBackupr is a recently launched website that provides a FREE back up service for your blog. This service works with all blogs that have a RSS-feed. It runs over the Internet and takes daily backup of your blog.

More over you don't have to install any software on your PC.

Currently site supports below blogging platforms :

Service doesn't support backup of images as well as your blog template right now. However in a couple of days, there will be support for all media files such as images (jpeg, gif etc) or any other file that’s currently on your blog (powerpoint slides, ZIP-files, CSS etc). This will be done automatically for all BlogBackupr-users.

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