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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Zoho Writer Added New Features

ZOHO Writer Zoho announced an update to Zoho Writer. Many new features are added to it. The highlights include…

  • DocX Support
  • Thesaurus (in 10 languages)
  • Sharing with Groups
  • Enhanced Endnotes/Footnotes
  • Enhanced Headers/Footers

DocX Support:

Zoho Writer now supports exporting to DocX, the new image Microsoft OOXML file format for Word. Ofcourse, it already supports ODF Export/Import in Zoho Writer. Currently you can export any of your documents in Zoho Writer as a DocX file. This is added in addition to the already available export options - DOC, TXT, HTML, PDF, ODF, SXW and RTF. It will soon be supporting DocX import as well.


Thesaurus option (in 10 languages) has been added. Right-click on a word, choose the ‘Thesaurus’ option from the contextual menu to view the synonyms and related words. The current version of Thesaurus is used more for lookup purposes. In the next version you will find an enhancement to this functionality where it will replace the words with selected ones from thesaurus.

Languages supported in Thesaurus: English, Czech, German, Greek, French, Irish, Italian, Polish, Russian & Slovak. More language options will be available in future updates.


Sharing with Groups:

You can now share documents with groups. This makes it a lot easier to share documents with multiple people avoiding entering of multiple email addresses each time you share a document. To share a document with a group, click on ‘Share’ and select the ‘Share with Groups’ tab. You can create new groups in your ‘My Account‘ section. These groups will be visible across all Zoho Applications.


Enhanced support for Endnotes/Footnotes:

Recently Endnotes & Footnotes capabilities were added in Zoho Writer. This updates enhances this functionality further. All your Zoho Writer documents when exported to DocX, ODF, SXW & RTF will retain the endnotes/footnotes correctly. It now also imports endnotes/footnotes from DOC, ODF, SXW, RTF files.

Enhanced support for Headers/Footers:

Headers/Footers support is further enhanced in this latest update. Full support is available when you export documents to DocX, ODF, SXW & RTF.

Apart from these, there are other enhancements and bug fixes in this update. Manual page breaks are also supported in export/import as well.

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