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Friday, February 29, 2008

Pownce API v2.0 Is Here

Pownce Pownce has announced it's second version of API 's which one can used to create fun projects, mashups, and hacks.

What’s new in v2.0?

The biggest improvement is the ability to post notes. You can post messages, links, files, events and even replies via the API. Another big improvement is the ability to fetch lists of private and friends-only notes. Both these new features require a user to be logged in to Pownce and the API provides 2 ways to do this: HTTP basic authentication and OAuth, a new open standard for token-based web authentication.

In addition to new API features, an application directory is also added for developers to show off their work and for users to find new tools for using Pownce. Check it out: http://pownce.com/tools/

Documentation for Pownce API v2.0 can be found here:


About Pownce

Pownce is a way to keep in touch with and share stuff with your friends. Send people files, links, events, and messages and then have real conversations with the recipients.

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