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Friday, February 22, 2008

I am one of the 500 million Firefox Users

image Firefox is one of the most popular award winning web browser because it's faster, more secure, and fully customizable. If you are already using it then probably you will feel pride that you are among the 500 million people who uses firefox. Yes, Firefox just reached 500,000,000 downloads.

This is an absolutely phenomenal milestone for Firefox. It is sort of hard to imagine what that number means. For some perspective, that’s roughly the audience size of 10,000 Rome Colosseums combined. It would be the weight, in kilograms, of 8,500 Boeing 747 airplanes. In dollars, for $500 million you and 15 of your friends can fly to the International Space Station. OR, you can affect change and invite 15 of your friends to play a game and feed 25,000 people.


If you are not using the firefox, then you can start using it by downloading it from here.

Anyway, congratulations to Firefox for reaching to such a big milestone.

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