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Friday, February 22, 2008

Generate Comic Strip for Your Blog with Pixton

Pixton Pixton™ is an online user-generated comic strip. Without having to draw, people of all ages can share their ideas, opinions, and stories — publishing them instantly to a worldwide web audience.

Pixton is free to use. Anyone can view comics that are rated as suitable for a general audience. By signing up online, you can compose your own Pixton characters, dialog, scenes, and comics with an easy-to-use editor, as well as rate content and submit comments. You retain copyright of original content submitted on the website. Remixable comics are subject to an open-use license, within the context of Pixton.


Easy to Use

An intuitive, contextual interface lets you build a comic imagequickly and easily, one scene at a time. Pixton characters are created by choosing from preset attributes and expressions, specifying hair and skin color, rotating body parts, and setting height and girth with a drag of the mouse. A rich feature set allows you to insert characters, dialog, props, symbols, and backgrounds; set the background color; flip, rotate, and resize objects; rotate, zoom, and pan the scene cropping; copy and paste characters, expressions, props, and entire scenes.

Remixing, Collaborative Creativity

You have the option of allowing others to remix a comic.  Pixton creates a duplicate comic which can then be altered or added to, without affecting the original. Any remixes are listed below an original comic, allowing viewers to follow its evolution.

Books, Social Bookmarking

You can group your favorite comics into books, adding a personal touch with your own title and cover-page scene. Once published, books can be browsed and rated in the same way as comics.

Subscribe, Embed

You can subscribe to an RSS feed, to get the latest Pixton comics relating to the author or tag of your choice. Embedding allows you to insert Pixton into any web page — either a specific comic, or an automatically updating comic strip associated with the author or tag of your choice.

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