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Friday, February 01, 2008

Converts Your RSS Feeds to Email Newsletters with Nourish

image Integral Impressions recently launched its newest web app, Nourish. Nourish is a next generation newsletter service which allows any RSS feed from published content, like a blog, to be converted into an automated email newsletter readers can subscribe to.

"While many readers may not be familiar with RSS, almost all of them are familiar with email. Nourish helps to close the gap between those two platforms and expand a blogger's subscriber base by delivering their content in a format familiar to their majority reader base," Chris Abad, Co-Founder Integral Impressions.

Nourish is a solution for bloggers and other content publishers who want to offer their readers more choices to subscribe to the content they create. While RSS is a great technology, it just hasn't achieved the level of adoption that email has with less than 4 percent of Internet users knowingly sign up for RSS content. An email-based alternative for potential subscribers has the power to increase content providers' chances of expanding their reader base.

Unlike current RSS-to-email applications, Nourish offers unique features such as flexible scheduling, the ability to combine multiple feeds into a single campaign, open-rate and click-through-rate tracking, fully-customized templates, and ad-supported free accounts.

Major Features

1. Multiple Campaigns / Manage Subscribers : Managing a large list of subscribers is effortless. The opt-out process, as well as subscribing/unsubscribing to individual campaigns can be completely automated.

2. Combine RSS Feeds : You have the ability to combine multiple RSS feeds into a single campaign. Doing this allows you to combine several low-volume RSS feeds into one consolidated newsletter with enough content to go out on a regular basis.

3. Flexible Scheduling : Flexible scheduling allows you to setup different campaigns which deliver at various frequencies to ensure you have something for everyone’s tastes. Campaigns can be scheduled for monthly, weekly, or even daily delivery.

4. Custom Templates : Premium accounts allow you to build a custom template for your campaigns. Using custom templates, you have ability to brand the subscriber’s experience however you choose.

5. Deliver Content : While many of your readers may not be familiar with RSS, almost all of them are familiar with email. Expand your subscriber base by delivering your content in a format familiar to them.

Basic service is FREE.

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