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Thursday, February 21, 2008

AdSense For Video Unit Now In Beta

In a very short time, watching videos online has become a common pastime, and the imagination of artists and other content owners continues to fuel this trend. Meanwhile, across the industry, advertisers and video publishers continue to look for the best solution that balances the needs of video fans with the need for video sites to generate the revenue that enables them to continue to be creative as they grow.

To take advantage of the growing online video opportunity, Google combines engaging and non-intrusive ad formats with an extensive advertiser network and the largest inventory of video content.

This approach takes the same non-intrusive InVideo ad format used on YouTube and extends it across video partner sites on the Google Content Network. This enables advertisers to run a single campaign across the largest network of online video content. InVideo ads enable advertisers to make a single buy at scale.

Unique to AdSense for video are text overlay ads contextually targeted to a combination of signals in your videos and on advertiser's site. With these overlay ads, the user's experience is not interrupted; users determine how much they want to interact with the ad.

The InVideo ads are paid on a CPM basis, while the text overlay ads are paid on a CPC basis. You can see ad demos here.

Google also launching a single destination with an overview of various options to expand online video opportunities called Google Video Advertising Solutions. You can also see our overview videos for advertisers and publishers.

Google have been working with a number of video partners (e.g. popular destinations like BobVila.com, eHow, MyDamnChannel, ExpertVillage, PinkBike, TheNewsRoom, and social video aggregators like Revver, blip.tv, and GodTube) and also working with several key video platform solution solutions like Brightcove, Yume, Tremor Media, and Eyespot Network, who have plugged adsense ads into their platforms.

To apply for AdSense for video beta, please visit the AdSense for video page on the Google Video Advertising Solutions site. You can also learn about the various ways to earn revenue from video content by watching this video.

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