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Sunday, January 06, 2008

More Features Added to Mahalo

image Mahalo made two major announcements yesterday.

1. Mahalo Follow 3.0 has been released with two features:

a) Mahalo Follow now cross posts to Delicious, Magnolia, Mahalo Social, and Twitter--at the same time. So, if you're bookmarking this TechCrunch story you can send it to your other services without having to do 3x the work.

b) Mahalo Follow now features help/quick tips when you're on popular sites like Twitter and GMAIL.

2. User created stubs : Mahalo users have been able to submit links to existing pages on Mahalo since day one.

Now users can create pages called "stubs" (just like on Wikipedia). Public can build pages together. However make sure you don't submit spams, otherwise your account will be banned. Participation in Mahalo is limited to those who want to help build a spam-free index.

Here are two user stubs created today. One on FlickrFan and one on alternate history. You can go to these pages, or the other user created stubs, and help build them out.

See the Announcement...

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