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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dailymotion rolled-out the new videowall

image The videowall is an evolution of the Videoroll (a small tool which let you post a set of mini video players on any external site). Whereas the old version only allowed you to post one column or row of videos, the Videowall lets you post not only a column or row, but and animated “wall” of up to 81 (9×9) videos. The mini-players within the wall will pull the most recent videos from any video list available on Dailymotion: featured videos, most commented, most viewed, your channels, your videos, etc. - the possibilities are endless.

The tool, moreover, is fully configurable: you can add drop shadows, control spacing, show or hide video info with mouseovers, auto-play previews with the “zapping” mode (try it, it’s fun), and define the position of the logo. Don’t hesitate to play with all these options to create your ideal Videowall!

I love it, but where can I find it and how do I put it on my site?

You can see the Videowall on this page, and you can get to the factory by clicking the “Videowall” link under “Tools” in the footer at the bottom of any Dailymotion page. To put a Videowall on your site, select your options on the Videowall factory page, click “Generate Videowall”, and then copy the code and paste it where you want it to appear on your site.

What’s going to happen with the old Videorolls?

The Videorolls already in place will not be affected by the launch of the Videowall, but don’t hesitate to replace your Videorolls with Videowalls!

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