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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Photobucket Launches Digg Integration Featuring Popular Photos

image Photobucket, one of the Web’s most popular hubs for managing personal media, yesterday announced an integration with Digg, the popular social media site that harnesses the collective wisdom of the world’s online audience to prioritize the overwhelming amount of content available on the Web. The integration coincides with the launch of Digg’s dedicated images section later today, giving millions of Photobucket users the ability to “Digg” photos on Photobucket.

As part of Photobucket’s integration with Digg, the following features will be added:

Photobucket Digg Buttons - Digg buttons will be added to all photos in the public “Find Stuff” tab on Photobucket, allowing users to submit content to Digg.

Digg Channel on Photobucket - A dedicated Digg channel will be added under a “Popular” section within the “Find Stuff” tab. “Popular” will rank the most Dugg Photobucket images. This will bring a taxonomy to Photobucket, one of the largest banks of photos and images on the Web, allowing users to sort, vote and comment on photos.

Photobucket on Digg - Digg will link back to Photobucket’s Digg channel to display the most popular images as voted by the Digg community.

“Our integration with Digg marks another step toward Photobucket being one of the world’s most popular destinations for social media,” said Alex Welch, President of Photobucket. “Not only do people save, edit and share their own photos and videos, they come to browse a vast community of media. Giving the Photobucket community a chance to vote for the most interesting photos they find opens up a whole new way for our users to interact and share. As our users begin to Digg photos, we’ll develop more ways to rank and sort popular content.”

“Photobucket will undoubtedly be a rich source of photos for people to share on Digg’s dedicated images section, which goes live today,” said Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg. “Photobucket’s integration with Digg is a great example of the kinds of applications that can be created using the Digg API, and that leverages the Digg community as a collaborative filter for surfacing the most interesting content. Twenty-five million people a month visit Digg to discover and share the best content from anywhere on the Web.”

The Digg and Photobucket integration marks the latest development for Photobucket following the November 2007 launch of a new breed of photo tagging, giving users the ability to share tagged and linked photos across social networks and the Web. Photobucket tagging enables users to tag up to 20 names and links within a single photo before sharing them online by posting them on personal profile pages, blogs and other sites.

Photobucket users can start “Digging” later today (Monday, December 3, 2007).

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