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Monday, December 03, 2007

Federated Media and Graffiti Wall Partner to Bring Conversational Marketing to Facebook

image Federated Media Publishing (FM) today announced that it has partnered with one of the most-used applications on Facebook®, Graffiti Wall, to offer marketers compelling new ways to interact with consumers.

HP and Wacom are two of the initial sponsors launching conversational marketing campaigns on Graffiti Wall.

Graffiti Wall, which has more than 300,000 daily active users on Facebook, provides drawing tools that allow users to create simple, and in some cases elaborate, illustrations to post on friends’ profiles and walls. Since the launch in May 2007, users have created and shared more than 37 million drawings, which are known as Graffiti. Creators Mark Kantor, Ted Suzman and Tim Suzman are working closely with FM and major advertisers to create campaigns that allow brands to participate in and add value to these exchanges.

As part of these efforts, HP is adding a branded print button to all existing and new Graffiti illustrations, allowing users an easy way to bring their creations to life on paper. HP also is sponsoring a new Graffiti Wall feature: In-application commenting. Users can now engage in dialogues about individual images in the new HP “What do you have to say?” section.

"HP’s new campaign is focused on empowering its customers to express themselves in new and exciting ways -- both online and in print,” said Daina Middleton, director of global interactive marketing and advertising, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “The visual content created by Graffiti users, the conversations inspired by that content and the ability for anyone to print that artistry are perfect examples of that expression brought to life."

FM is also helping Wacom, a leading provider of digital drawing tablets, to roll out a series of Graffiti Wall drawing contests that will tap into the immense creative talent of the application’s users.

"Our partnership with Graffiti Wall provides Wacom an ideal way to support an entire community that has an interest in online drawing and sketching,” said John Bistolas, director of marketing communications at Wacom. “With Wacom-sponsored contests at the Graffiti Wall public gallery, users of Facebook will be more aware of all that our pen tablet technology provides, and how it can truly help them express their graffiti with intuitive, natural pen strokes.”

In addition to Graffiti Wall, FM is also working with the "Addicted To..." series of entertainment applications from Watercooler as well as new offerings from a number of existing FM authors. These additions bring FM to a significant milestone, managing more than one billion page views per month of high-quality editorial voices and active user engagement.

Watercooler is the creator of more than 400 applications that allow fans of TV shows and sports teams to join active, engaged communities around those topics. Trivia quizzes, discussions, fan blogs and user-contributed media keep the engagement level high and constantly attract new users. With Watercooler, FM is introducing marketers to fans of specific TV shows and sports teams, creating a new range of targeted advertising opportunities.

“We are thrilled to be working with such established and popular Facebook application publishers as Graffiti and Watercooler,” said John Battelle, founder and CEO of Federated Media. “Federated Media is about bringing new kinds of conversations to author-driven websites, applications and anywhere online there is a community.”

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