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Monday, November 19, 2007

Zoho Creator Goes Mobile!

Zoho announced the availability of Zoho Creator Mobile version. You can access it @ http://creator.zoho.com/mobile or http://creator.zoho.com/m from your mobile. In fact, if you visit http://creator.zoho.com from your mobile phone, you’ll be directed to this page.

With this update, you’ll now be able to access all your applications created in Zoho Creator from your mobile devices. You can also access the applications shared with you. This means you can now view and enter data into your applications right from your mobile.


Zoho Creator Mobile supports mobile devices with any of the following browsers :

  • IE
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • other WAP Browsers

Zoho Creator’s interface has been optimized to work well in iPhone also.

Zoho Creator now has over 60K applications created by our users and is gaining momentum at a rapid pace with over 0.5 million users using the applications created using Zoho Creator. A short promo video from zoho team on the release.

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