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Thursday, November 29, 2007

PDF will no more Ads FREE

image Adobe, in cooperation with Yahoo!, has announced the release of a preview of a free service that enables you to earn money by including ads in your PDF content. Ads for Adobe PDF is now available through Adobe Labs.

Ads for Adobe PDF is a free service that enables you to earn money by including ads in your PDF content. Adobe has partnered with Yahoo! to provide ads across a broad range of categories to amtch any content. Because the ads come from Yahoo!, you do not have to setup and maintain direct relationship with advertisers.

Using the service is easy-simply upload your PDF content to register it for ads. The PDF content is then automatically analyzed to enable relavant ads to be matched to your content. For more control, you have the option to block competitor ads from appearing in your PDF content.

PDF content can continue to be published the same way it is today: email it directly to your reader base or post it to a website. Ads for Adobe PDF provides your readers with useful ad content that is related to their interests. And when readers click on ads from your PDF content, you earn money.

Ads for Adobe PDF is an optional service for commercial publishers who make the choice to include ads next to their PDF content. Publishers will use discretion to determine what types of content would be appropriate. Adobe is providing this capability as a service to publishers, and it is the publisher who decides whether or not to include ads next to their PDF content.


The early preview of this technology will be limited to only a few users, but we will be accepting more and more PDF content providers over time.

To use the service, publishers follow these easy steps:

   1. Apply for an account.
   2. Upload and register the PDF content.
   3. Distribute the registered PDF content - just as they do today.

PDF registration associates the publisher with the content in order to receive payment; and automatically analyzes the content to enable ad matching.

Apply to participate in the program and start making money from your PDF content.

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