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Friday, November 23, 2007

Live Documents : An Online Office suite supporting documents, spreadsheets and presentations that embraces and extends Microsoft Office to the browser

image Indian software product company, InstaColl announced the launch of Live Documents, a hybrid online-offline Office suite of applications on 21st November 2007.

Live Documents is a full-featured suite of online Office productivity applications offering functionality equivalent to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Built using RIA technologies such as Flash and Flex, Live Documents allow users to view and edit documents within any common browser on any operating system from anywhere. Live Documents uses a Flash-based user interface that offers a richer and responsive user experience that is comparable to native Office software applications.

In addition, Live Documents is available as a optional desktop client application that wraps around Microsoft Office and embeds collaborative capabilities into these hitherto standalone software applications - Live Documents converts Microsoft Office applications from static standalone software to smart clients that are connected to the Internet and facilitate in-context document sharing (multiple people can edit a document at the same time) and management (security, access control and revision control) without requiring users to give up their familiar user interfaces. The Live Documents desktop client also ensures offline access to documents - a key failing of current online Office applications.

"Live Documents offers a unique perspective on Office productivity and collaboration that merges the best of two worlds - the richness and familiarity of desktop software with the collaborative capabilities of the web. It provides a reliable bridge between the online and offline worlds that consumers and businesses can count on," said Sabeer Bhatia, InstaColl Chairman. "Live Documents is the new productivity suite for the Internet generation providing flexibility lacking in traditional software while retaining that which is important from the past and extending it with unique collaborative capabilities. I believe that Live Documents does for documents what Hotmail did for e-mail,” he added further.

A technology preview Live Documents is available on an on-invitation basis at http://www.live-documents.com with general availability to follow shortly. Live Documents is free for personal use with commercial versions available for enterprises both in a hosted form as well as an on-premise server. Several progressive corporations have pre-booked the Live Documents enterprise version for internal deployment. The first commercial enterprise version of Live Documents will be deployed at Aricent, the world's leading independent communications software company with over 6,700 employees globally.

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You can check the comparison between the similar service provided by Microsoft and Google.

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