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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Plaxo Introduces Lifestreaming Widget

Plaxo today added a "lifestreaming widget" to its next-generation, open social network, Pulse. The widget gives users a new way to share the content that they are creating across the social web and aggregating with Pulse. The large and growing list of sites that Pulse aggregates feeds from currently includes Digg, del.icio.us, Facebook, Flickr, Jaiku, MySpace, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube, and more than 20 others.

"Pulse represents the next-generation of social networking, one that embraces openness and harnesses the explosive growth in the number of socially-enabled sites," said Todd Masonis, Co-Founder and VP of Products. "Now, with the lifestreaming widget, we take ‘open’ to the next level, making it really easy to take what you aggregate in Pulse and publish it externally as a feed to any web page."

The lifestreaming widget makes it really easy to bring together what you are doing on a variety of socially-enabled services and present it in a single, interactive window on your blog or any other web page that accepts javascript. With just a couple of clicks, any Pulse user can create their own widget, with a choice of including either all of the feeds they are aggregating via Pulse, or just the ones that they have specifically marked as "public." Publishing the widget is as simple as cutting-and-pasting a snippet of code into the HTML of the page they want to display it in. Pulse users can create their widget at http://pulse.plaxo.com/pulse/widget.

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