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Monday, October 01, 2007

Netscape Navigator 9 Release Candidate 1 Available

Netscape announced the immediate availability of the first release candidate of Netscape Navigator 9. The release is available for download from browser.netscape.com.

"Due to Netscape.com's transition from a social news site to a traditional news portal (and the resulting re-launch of the social news site at Propeller.com), we made the decision to remove the built-in social news functionality from the Netscape Navigator Web browser. We will be releasing those features as stand-alone Propeller-branded browser extensions shortly, and our browser development efforts will be refocused on providing new features and browsing enhancements not specifically tied to a single Web service." said Chris Finke.

The following changes have been made since Beta 3:
  • Added splash screen
  • Fixed formatting bug in Mac license
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing custom background colors
  • Mini-browser enhancements
  • Removed social news integration
  • Exposed more preferences in the Preference Dialog for tabs and the mini-browser
  • Fixed reversed preference for opening searches in new tab
  • Fixed Mac bundle signature
  • Fixed default icon and file associations
  • Moved custom FTP style out of userContent.css
  • Added URL correction preferences to Advanced Preferences page
  • Added drop-down menu to print button
  • Added drop-down menu to home button
  • Added Firefox profile importing
  • Added support for importing Netscape 8 bookmarks after the initial install
  • Fixed theme issues on Linux
  • Fixed truncation of Reload button label
  • Fixed bugs with URL correction and country codes
  • Added "Save to Linkpad" option to History context menu
For a complete list of the new features in Netscape 9, see What's New in Netscape Navigator 9?

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