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Monday, October 08, 2007

Intel Introduced Cool Software : Online Community of People Passionate About Software

CoolSW is an online community of people passionate about software. Members post information about an interesting new software company and, more important, the community votes on whether they think a software company is, well, "cool." Companies that receive a lot of votes get elevated to the site's front page where the casual visitor can see what community members consider the most interesting software.

The site is designed to engage anyone interested in identifying and ranking innovative new software companies and applications that are pushing the boundaries of compute technology and/or forming compelling new usage models - in short, cool software.

How does Cool Software work?
The basic concept of this site is simple and based on three key activities:
  • Post a cool software application URL (home page) with a headline and brief paragraph that will let everyone know what's exciting.
  • Review other member posts and vote for those you think are really interesting (feel free to add comments too!) If enough members agree, the URL will be promoted to the Cool Software home page where even more votes could make it the coolest software ever!
  • Look at the coolest SW list by clicking on the relevant time period Under "Sort software by:" to see which companies/applications are getting the highest rate of votes. The software applications are submitted by members, and then promoted ("voted") to the front page through a user-based ranking system. When you first post a new software application/company on Cool Software it is automatically placed in the queue to be voted on. It receives one vote per your original post. As more members view the post and vote on the "coolest" software the application or software company will rise in popularity through the number of votes. To see the coolest software of all time, click on "All Software" and then "Most Popular".

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