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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Zimki service will no longer be available

Zimki service is to be withdrawn and therefore will no longer be available from 24 December 2007.

One of the first things that will be disabled is the token usage section so unfortunately you will be unable to view your realms' usage (code, bandwidth, storage etc.). You will still be able to create and manage your realms, and realms will not be suspended for exceeding usage restrictions during the close down period.

"As of 24 December 2007 all applications and data remaining on the Zimki service will be deleted and the servers decommissioned. Users are advised to move their applications along with any associated data before the closure date. There are no plans to opensource Zimki."

About Zimki

Zimki is a server-side JavaScript engine, based on Mozilla's SpiderMonkey engine, that allows you to quickly develop complex web services and web applications. It's a development environment that enables you to create heavyweight web applications quickly, simply and cost effectively.

While there are differences between JavaScript on the web server and JavaScript in the web browser (primarily the absence of the DOM in the former) anybody familiar with JavaScript in a browser will have no problems quickly understanding Zimki's server-side JavaScript engine. By using JavaScript on both the client and server, you can develop all aspects of your applications in a single language rather than having to know two languages such as JavaScript with Perl or JavaScript with PHP.

Zimki also provides many specific extensions to the JavaScript language that lets you make calls to remote web sites, process XML, store objects and provide complicated XML services to remote clients.

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